Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where is Racine?

Man died in harness,
Friend already dead inside.
No separation.

Racine all wonders
How a man could sit watching,
Never try to help.

Where is Racine when
Children are crying on streets
Needing warmth and love?

Where are residents
Who bitch, moan, and complain
On every blog?

On Journal Times’ site
They spew their criticism
Offering no hope.

Yes it is a crime,
Yes it is a tragedy,
What this man has done.

But 'til you shut up,
Pay attention, listen - you
Are no different.

How can I say this?
If you harm more than you help,
You silently kill.

Stop blaming others
For this city's misery,
Death and destruction.

Turn it around-now!
Try something new, different.
Love everyone.

No more cruel judgments.
Only hope, kindness allowed.
For everyone.

If you can do it,
Maybe others will try too.
Be a role model.

What a difference
We can make in our city
If we have hope, love.

Not just for victims,
For everyone involved,
For every crime.

Maybe you will laugh,
Perhaps I am crazy too.
But we have to try.
(Or we will all die).


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